Rihanna smoking a Blunt in Hawaii?


‘GOT MY KUSH ROLLED AND GLASS FULL! IS WHAT THE TATTOOED BEAUTY TWEETED WHILE VACATIONING IN HAWAII RECENTLY. She was allegedly photographed smoking Marijuana We hear at Alltattedup.com say…Good for you Rihanna, enjoy yourself ,you work really hard.What’s truly sad is even while on vacation young lady can’t get a break. I honestly feel this paparazzi following celebrities everywhere thing is stalking and an invasion of privacy.On the other hand, she could be totally aware of their presence & wants the free publicity to ad to her edgy,”bad girl” image. Maybe she just doesn’t give a shit either way.. Any way you spin it. We love you Rihanna.

Women arrested for letting her 10 year old son get a Tattoo!!!


A Georgia mother was taken into police custody after local authorities learned that she allowed her 10-year-old son to get a permanent tattoo. Police say it’s illegal for anyone younger than 18 to get inked, even with their parent’s consent. Chuntera Napier, who lives on Bakers Grove Road, was booked early Wednesday and released a few hours later on a $1,000 bond, jail records show. She honestly did not know the law & thought it was up to her as a parent to consent or not consent. Ignorance of the law is no excuse however let’s look at this from another angle. she didn’t know it was illegal for her son to get a tattoo, and it wasn’t just a… Read More →

Top 10 careers for people with tattoos

top 10 careers new layout

Top 10 Careers for people with tattoos!!! The days of tattoos holding one back from a careers goal has long since past.I know of Doctors Lawyers, Accountants, even elected officials with tattoos,But for the few ignoramuses that still think “You can’t get a job with tattoos” I have compiled this list,In no particular order.  Enjoy and remember if it ain’t tatted up ,it ain’t right!       Number 10 Massage Therapist Awesome career does require training and certification. However your tattoos shouldn’t be an issue average salary 77k per year & UP Number 9 Carpenter Great for those that love to build things and are good with their hands. average salary 50k per year & UP         Number… Read More →

Ink Masters New Tattoo reality show


New show on the Spiked channel that picks up where Miami & LA Ink left of..Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck,It’s a competition show in the vein of as Project Runway or American Idol..A group of artist have challenges they must face..The last person standing will win 100k. I’m not a big fan of artists competing against each other,But this show should be very entertaining. Tune in on Spike.

Woman has “DRAKE” tattooed on her forehead! Big fan or flaming idiot???


If I were Drake I would have a restraining order put out on this woman..I understand being a “fan” and as a tattoo artist I totally understand expressing yourself outside of the constraints of societies rules.Somehow I feel this tattoo crosses the line into the world of the mentally ill & obsessive.A concert ticket and a poster on the wall will suffice.But hey that’s just my opinion Thanks Gary Clarence Weaver

AllTattedUp Salutes Tupac Amaru Shakur..The Greatest most influential Rapper of All Time!


Before there was 50 Cent,before the was Souljah Boy,Before Whiz Khalifa,and the like.There was Tupac Shakur. In a time where the “Tattooed Rapper” is commonplace..How soon we forget that before Tupac this was unheard of. Infact Tattoos on black people in general was unheard of. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since since the maverick of Hip Hop our shining Black Prince was taken from us..Tupac you are gone but never forgotten.RIP Mr. Shakur. His murdered is still unsolved.