Top 10 Careers for people with tattoos!!!

The days of tattoos holding one back from a careers goal has long since past.I know of Doctors Lawyers, Accountants, even elected officials with tattoos,But for the few ignoramuses that still think “You can’t get a job with tattoos” I have compiled this list,In no particular order.  Enjoy and remember if it ain’t tatted up ,it ain’t right!




massage therapist with tattoos

Number 10 Massage Therapist

Awesome career does require training and certification. However your tattoos shouldn’t be an issue
average salary 77k per year & UP
Number 9 Carpenter

Great for those that love to build things and are good with their hands.

average salary 50k per year & UP





Number 8 Personal Trainer
From Yoga instructors to Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” Personal Training is a very popular career and the income has no limit.
average salary42k to MILLIONS per year






fashion designer with tattoos

Number 7 Fashion Designer
Outstanding career..Great pay & travel.Income has no limits.. Designers are not just for Paris run way shows..Even companies like Wal-Mart & Kmart have designers on staff
average salary 90k to MILLIONS per year & UP






Honorable Mention Bartender
This is an awesome job usually part time work, but damn good money

average salary 50k per year & UP part time






Number 6 Chef
Oh,How we love food..and these guys are trained to give us the best..Great career for those that love food and ink

average salary 75k per year & Up








Number 5 pro Athlete
Well,Well.Well what can we say about this occupation..If you have what it takes…..Tattoos,No problem. Just ask Dennis Rodman or David Beckham
average salary 50ok to MILLIONS per year






Number 4 Hairstylist
We all need our “hair

did” from time to time, these are the people we have to see

average salary 50k per year & UP








Number 3 Photographer
From photo journalist,to weddings, to sporting events, to albums covers..These are the people that make us look good

average salary 63k per year & UP





Honorable Mention Plumber
keeping our pipes clear and our toilets working since day 1!

average salary 52k




Number 2 Musician/Entertainer
This could be the coolest job of them all.They can be the conservative violinist or the lead guitarist from Motley Crew..but one thing’s for sure, your tattoos won’t hold you back in this profession..In fact they could be an asset!

Unlimited income potential







Number 1 Entrepeneur
When you call the shots & cut the checks,you can do whatever you want!!!

Unlimited income potential










by Gary Iconoclast AKA Gary C. Weaver

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